Car Fenders For Subaru XV
1) Car Fenders for all auto cars, Mudguard, Front & Rear;
2) Easy to install;
3) Suitable for high temperature, low temperature, mountain area;
4) Long lifetime, Hit is not bad;
5) Elastic , Scraping is not lousy;
6) Winter is not hard broken, Survive -60°C;

Car Fenders For  Subaru XV

1.Adopt high quality material: high-end PP raw material, which owns advantage of good anti-collision performance and light weight. 

2. Easy installation: produce the products based on cars' model, year of manufacturing. Perfect fitting, and the installation specification is included to solve installation problem

3.To prevent some mud from splashing on auto body, keep your vehicles clean and avoiding rusting. When your car is stuck in the mud, mud guard can reduce the resistance torque and provide more power and save oil.

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